Monday, September 24, 2012

Vaman Dhauti Yoga Exercise for Digestive System

Take two liters of warm water. Add three or four teaspoons of salt. Drink six to eight cups of this water. When you feel retching, bend yourself forward and usher. The first three fingers deeply into the mouth and give pressure to the hind part of the tongue. Water will be evacuated through vomit. Continue to usher the fingers into the mouth and vomit as long as all the water in the bowels is evacuated.


  1. Vaman dhauti should be practiced on an empty stomach.
  2. In this technique, water should be drunk swiftly.
  3. The finger-nails should be well manicured.
  4. Food should not be taken for half an hour after vaman dhauti.
  5. Persons suffering from peptic or gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease and hernia are advised not to practice vaman dhauti.

Repetition: Usually once a week.


  1. The digestive organs become active.
  2. Toxic elements, acids and gas are eliminated from the bowels.
  3. Vaman dhauti gives relief in the diseases such as indigestion, chronic cold and asthma.

Varisar Dhauti

Varisar dhauti is an excellent technique to evacuate and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract completely.

Take bucketful warm water having some salt in it. Try to keep your mind calm and steady.

Swiftly drink two glassful of the water.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nauli Exercise for Abdominal Organs

Stand keeping the distance of about a foot between the two feet. Stoop slightly forward and bend the feet from the knees.Place the palms on the thighs just above the knees. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly and pull the whole abdominal region back towards the spine. This is known as ‘uddiyan bandh’. Now giving pressure on the thighs with the palms push the contracted abdominal muscles downwards. The vertical muscles in the abdomen will now appear forward. This is called ‘madhyam nauli’. Maintain this position according to your capacity. Then inhale slowly and relax the abdominal muscles.

During this process, if unequal pressure is given with the palms on the thighs that is, if more pressure is given on the right thigh, the muscles on the right side will be protruded and if more pressure is given on the left thigh, the muscles on the left side will be protruded. These positions are called ‘dakshina nauli’ and ‘yam nauli’ respectively.

After having practiced for several days one can practice these three kinds of ‘nauli’ which is called ‘nauli chalan’.


  1. Practice nauli on an empty stomach after evacuating the bladder and the bowels.
  2. First get mastery over ‘uddiyan bandh’. Then gradually learn ‘madhyam nauli’, ‘dakshina nauli’, ‘vama nauli’ and ‘nauli chalan’ in that order.
  3. During the whole process of ‘nauli’, ‘uddiyan’ should continue.
  4. In this technique, a guidance of an expert is necessary.
  5. Persons having pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart disease or severe diseases of the digestive system should not practice nauli.

Repetition: Nauli should be practiced every morning.


  1. Nauli gives exercise to the abdominal organs.
  2. ‘Nauli’ causes the stool inhibited in the intestines to move towards the anus. Thus ‘nauli’ is an unfailing remedy for constipation.


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