Monday, September 12, 2011

Tratak Exercise for Eye Concentration

Tratak is an exercise in which sight is fixed on particular object.

Sit in the ‘Sukhasana’ position. Place a burning candle or a small picture or a black dot at a distance of one and a half or two feet away from the face. Look at that object without straining the eyes. Hold back the winking of the eyes. When the eyes are tired or they shed water, shut them and imagine the picture of that object. Open the eyes after some time and practice tratak again. Do this exercise four to five times.


  1. If tratak is not performed properly, the eyes may be damaged. it is, therefore, necessary to practice this exercise under the guidance of an expert.
  2. If you practice tratak on the flame of a candle, sit at such a place as is not airy and is dark.

Repetition: Everyday once or twice a day.


Tratak strengthens the sight and the eyes become bright. Indirectly it has a beneficial effect on the brain and the mind.


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