Monday, May 28, 2007

Introduction to Yoga

Man has made tremendous progress in almost every walk of life. Objects once considered impossible to be achieved have now been achieved by us. What we have achieved and accompli shed today could not have been imagined in their dreams by our past generations. Modern scientists and researchers have absolutely changed our life-style. Science has been incessantly pouring on us new materials and devices to make our physical life more happy and comfortable.

However, pollution of air, water, body and mind is also the result of science. We witness despair and disappointment on the faces of our young generation. Signs of restlessness are apparently visible in the dry and dull eyes of our young men and women. Sloping shoulders, flat chest and bulging stomachs have becomes their characteristics. Why?

Today we can claim that we are modern and civilized but cannot claim that we are genuinely happy. We today use tranquilizers for sleep pills for purgative and tonics for vigor. Tranquilizers and sedatives are in vogue in our modern society. Charmed by and; then, addicted to intoxicative drugs, our youth is led to the path of disgrace and self-destruction.

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