Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In this asana, the upper part of the body is completely turned and twisted. The spine, the muscles of the hands, the legs and the back are stretched.


Sit on the ground with the legs stretched out. Place the left leg near the right knee stretching out the left hand behind the back with the palm of the hand flat resting on the ground. Then press the left knee with the right arm and put the palm on the ground. Keep the waist erect and look as far backward as possible. Practise this asana four to six times a day turning to the left side and to the right side alternately. Gradually increase the time. The limit is five minutes.


  1. This asana strengthens the spine and activates the nerves.
  2. The mouth of the Sushumna opens and Kundalini Shakti is sublimated.
  3. Puma Vakrasana bestows all the benefits gained by performing Ardha Vakrasana.
  4. This asana invigorates the muscles of the loins.

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