Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stress Management and yoga

Stress is a condition of tension in the body or mind. It can be physical and mental in nature. With more and more advancement in science and technology and man’s rat rare to be progressive, mental stress began to increase. To day there are more mentally stressed persons than the physically stressed ones. ‘Stress management’ means reducing mental stress: Mental stress has many reasons.

Chang Life Style

When our life-style changes from a simple to a more and more complex style, our wants keep on increasing and this tendency becomes a permanent source of our mental stress. Change in food and eating habits too causes stress. Our diet used to be simple and easy to digest. Now many of us prefer heavy and complicated food as part of our life style. These are difficult to digest. They cause heaviness in the system and constipation. This leads to sleeplessness and mental stress. Another cause of mental stress, laziness and irritation is the growing habit of going to bed too late in the night.

Attitude in life

Some of us adopt a very rigid attitude in life or become moody by habit which makes our life more of a burden than a pleasure. We become suspicious, friendless and even isolated and get a lot of mental tension. Our rigid attitude in our official or professional life causing clash with our seniors and customers too becomes a major source of tension. Over ambitions to rise in fife too rapidly creates enemies all around. Professional jealousy too causes an acute form of stress. The desire to get more and more in life, without being satisfied with what we have, is our enemy No. 1. It must be controlled and conquered over.

Social Aspiration

Our social customs are becoming more and more complicated and our tendency to live like our neighbours who have more wealth, is a basic cause of stress. We beg, borrow and steal to show off our riches beyond our means. The worst of it is that we try to earn money even by corrupt practices to keep the show on. All this becomes a source of our worries and tension. We become a slave to money, loose the pleasure of simple living and deprive our selves from real joy of life, the Anandam’ or bliss that lies in simple living and high thinking. Thus we ourselves are responsible for all our mental stress. It is said prevention is better than cure. This is also true for mental stress.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes, and mental stress is manifested into physical stress.


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