Sunday, April 20, 2008

Veer Asana

‘Veera’ means a hero, a warrior. The practice of this a increases appetite. Those who perform this asana devekp t he spirit of adventure, enthusiasm and bravery in them.

TechniqueSit on the floor. Keep the body ere an iyes straight. Bend either of the legs at the knee and heel below the anus. Bend the other leg at the knee nd it on the thigh of the former leg. Extend the arms line with the shoulders and put them on the he Kee the neck and the head in a vertical straight line flt iow and normally. Hold this position for eight seconds and then assume the posture as in the original position. Then bend the other leg and perform this asana again. The performance of this asana should be repeated six times in a day.


  1. All the diseases which Padmasana cures can be cured also by practising this asana. The benefits which Padmasana gives can be obtained from this asana also.
  2. This asana helps in breath-control. So this asana is practised by the best singers of Indian classical music.
  3. This pose is suitable for Pranayama.

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