Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tal Bad Pranayam

Pranayam is a unique technique of controlling the breath. Breath control leads to control of Pran. Controlling of Pran results in controlling the mind. Thus Pranayam leads to gain more importance in Sadhana. in the beginning we should practice deep and long breathing. Deep breath means that which affects the stomach, middle portion and chest. Ordinarily it is known as abdominal, calvicator and chest breathing. Long breath relates to time. The longer the time, the longer the breath it develops .When the practice is established, then one develops the capacity in controlling the breath further. This is learnt while practicing the Tal Badh Pranayam


1st Stage

Sit in Padmasan, keeping the back straight and eyes gently closed. Inhale
deep breath through the nostrils in four counts of OM, retain it likewise and exhale the breath similarly in four counts of OM. Start with five rounds and increase them gradually, controlling the capacity.

2nd Stage

After having perfected in the first stage, follow the practice in accordance with
the following rhythm.

Continuously increase starting from 4 purak- 4 internal kumbhak- 4 release – 4 external kumbhak of 10 rounds in first week and so on.

Special Points

  1. While practicing this Pranayam, rhythm should be maintained.
  2. Inhalation and exhalation should be done consciously.
  3. Sadhna of controlling the breath advances in taking deep, long, rhythmic, subtle breath as also maintaining ratio and suspending it for some time.

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