Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pranayama and Yogic Kriyas

Yoga may not be fully relevant in the treatment and cure of first three types but decidedly it is a panacea in the case of unsoundness of mind due to the last three causes : Psychological, economic and stress. Regular practice of Yoga coupled with Dhyana can restore mental vigour. It not only changes the entire out look of man on life but also rejuvenates the mental and physical cells

The ladder to mental peace and balance lies in the art of pranayama. Our scriptures stand a testimony to what powers had been acquired by sages through this most important but a non violent mode of progress.

It is pranayama which restores calm and equipoise of the disturbed mind and slowly generates the much needed self confidence in the individual. Praiiayama not only purifies various organs of the body but also thoughts of the person thus creating an aversion towards evil and false-hood. In Yoga this state is acquired by a person through regular practice.

Bharatiya Yog Sansthan by dedicating itself to the revival of the ancient thoughts of Arya Vrata is doing a yeoman’s service and has taken upon itself a stupendous task of uplifting mankind from drudgery, and prosale life of inaction which leads to the bankruptcy of intellect. The job is tough and the journey is long on an arduous and thorny path. However, the results have started appearing and in a short span of just twenty years there has been a considerable awakening in the common man to improve his lot by practising Yogic Kriyas and to lead a happy family and community life.

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