Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stress Mangement Types

‘Stress Management’ is of two parts as preventive management and curative management.

Preventive Management

Preventive management of stress means that which I would recommend as the Ten Commandments for a stress free life:

  • Lead a simple life. Do Yoga as a regular part of your life.
  • Have a positive and optimist outlook in life.
  • Control and regularize your eating habits. Take only ‘Satvic’ food. Avoid intake of meat, fish and eggs. Western countries with non-vegetarian food habits are now becoming more and more vegetarian.
  • Adopt the general attitude of cooperation, mutual help, tolerance and love towards others.
  • Do not adopt rigid attitude at home, in office and in social life. Learn to compromise with the persons and situations.
  • Do not go to bed too late, nor oversleep. Go for early morning walk.
  • Do not be lazy; be punctual in your habits. Do your duties sincerely.
  • Avoid being over ambitious in life.
  • Live a happy social life and do not run too much after material things.
  • Set noble example for others to follow. This gives immence happiness.
Curative Management
  • In case you have any mental stress, its real remedy lies in Yoga. Accept it. Practice it and enjoy the life.
  • When waking up early in the morning, let us pray for a day of complete consecration.
  • The whole of our life should be a prayer offered to the Divine.

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