Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basti Yoga for Washing Intestine

Basti is the technique of yoga used for washing of the intestines with water. To practice ‘basti’ successfully it is essential to get mastery over ‘nauli’ first. Stand in a river or pond keeping water level up to the navel (or sit in the ‘Utkatasana’ position). Then practice madhyama nauli and the water will immediately rise into the large intestine. When you are unable to hold back breathing (when nauli is to be released), close the anus with the finger so that the water may not come out. Again practice nauli and take finger away from the anus.

The water will rise again into the Intestine. If this ‘kriya’ is practiced five to seven times a good quantity of water will rise into the intestine. If possible, practice ‘naulichalan’ and hold back the water for some time. Then come out of the water and go to stools at some proper place.


  1. It is necessary to practice this ‘Kriya’ under the guidance of an expert.
  2. Basti should be practiced on an empty stomach early in the morning.
  3. Those who are unable to practice nauli can get the benefits of ‘basti’ through enema.

Repetition: Once or twice a week.


  1. Basti washes away the stool accumulated in he intestine. Thus ‘basti’ is a sure remedy for constipation.
  2. Basti activates the intestines.

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