Friday, August 28, 2009

Janu Shirasana

Certain characteristics of this asana are typically the same as those of Pashchimottanasana. In this variation of Pashchimo ttanasana, one leg is extended.


Sit on the ground. Place the left heel pressing hard near the left groin. Keep the right leg stretched and straight. Hold the right foot with the hands. Exhale and draw the stomach in. Lower the head slowly as shown in the figure. Place the forehead and the chin on the knee. Remain in this position for five to ten seconds. Increase the time gradually. This asana can be practised with the left leg stretched. With constant practice this asana can be performed for half an hour. Repeat this asana five to six times every day. This asana should be performed after the bowels are emptied. One who practises this asana can practise Pashchimottanasana comfortably.


  1. This asana kindles gastric fire and helps digestion.
  2. This asana helps in observing celibacy.
  3. This asana cures kidney-troubles.
  4. It cures colic pain.
  5. It awakens the Kundalini which keeps the body free from sluggishness and weakness.
  6. This asana has the same advantages as Pashehirnotta

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