Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kandapeedan Asana

This asana is difficult to perform. This asana presses the Kanda (the place near the navel). So it is called Kandapeedanasana.


Sit on the floor. Bend the legs at the knees. I the feet towards the trunk until the heels are close to the perineum and keep the knees on the floor. Join the palms in front I the chest. Keep the trunk erect. Keep the nose, the palms and the feet in a vertical line. Breathe in the normal way. This asana should be practiced with caution. Persons whose thighs and calves ite heavy will find it difficult to practise this asana. Those having i slim body can perform this asana comfortably.


  1. This asana cures all kinds of ailments and disorders of the knees. It also cures arthritis.
  2. It strengthens the calves, aft veins.
  3. It stimulates Kundalini Shakti.
  4. This asana is the same as Padmasana or Siddhasana, so t has all the benefits of Padmasana and Siddhasana.

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